Marketing Programme class had successfully organized a social marketing trip called Marketers’ Corporate Social Responsibilities And Social Awareness Campaign. It was conducted by Wan Mohd Hamidi, a Lecturer from SBM, acting as an advisor and it was participated by 13 students from 22nd until 25th, November 2018 in Kuching Sarawak. The Social Awareness program which was the free breakfast campaign was held at Waterfront, Kuching whereas the Corporate Social Responsibility program was held at Rumah Amal Nur Murni, Taman Shin Yu Batu Kawa, Kuching.


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  • To fulfil the objective of MBM Social Marketing outcome
  • To produce students who are capable to demonstrate leadership and teamwork spirit, effective communication and social skills
  • To allow students to have a better understanding of their roles as marketers in giving positive social marketing awareness to the society and responding to the feedback from the society regarding social issues
  • To share joy and love to the kids at Rumah Amal Nur Murni
  • To stress the importance of breakfast to the public before they launch out their busy and hectic day

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